Research and Development


TaHo – Energy- and cost-efficient daylighting by micro-optical building components

Demonstration in facades of KVWL office building in Dortmund and Comprehensive School Krefeld Oppum. Advanced structures for angle-selective shading in horizontal roof lights. Figures: KVWL façade, principle of sunlight redirection

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TaLed – Daylight and LED Lighting

Sunlight redirection to the depth of the room by micro-structured clerestory window
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Kunstmuseum Wolfsburg

Lighting of Kunstmuseum Wolfsburg, Germany

Development of innovative solution for refurbishment of exhibition hall by transparent LED light-guides. Co-operation with Andrew Holmes, ide belzner holmes, Stuttgart. Variation of illumination for special exhibitions and events at day- and night time. 2018


"Ifoam" Thermal Insulation Concrete

Research project for the replacement of synthetic thermal insulation materials by an ecological, non-combustible and economic insulation material. Partners: Biotensoidon GmbH, CCM Concepts GmbH, Fraunhofer IBP, Green Building R&D GmbH, Peter Boehm & Martin Kleppe; 2020-2022


EULEB – EUropean high quality and Low Energy Buildings

The EU-funded project “EUropean high quality Low Energy Buildings" informs about existing, public, high quality and low energy non-residential buildings from all over Europe. The EULEB-website shows data, plans, pictures, video clips, diagrams etc. of 25 European buildings in operation. Detail principals and technologies of sustainability are described as well as properties like economy, energy efficiency, and comfort. All information is available in five languages. Project partners: Four European universities and REHVA – Federation of European Heating Ventilation and Air-conditioning, TU Dortmund being the coordinating partner.


“TeMotion” Integrated front

Development of modular facade systems with integrated services for conditioning of room climate (heating, ventilating, cooling, lighting) and solar energy supply, commissioned by Hydro Building Systems to a consortium of manufacturers, expert consultants and scientists. Prototype mock-up 2004, subsequent erection and monitoring of a test facade. Awards by Batimat, ´Innovation 2005´.

Specialist Counselling


"Siebengebirgsterrassen Bonn" Energy efficient housing

Expert consulting for energy concept (biomethane fired cogeneration, district heating, roof integrated photovoltaics), energy proof according to German building regulations EnEV and funding requirement “Energy Efficient House KfW55”. Energy modelling, building physics. Completion 2021. › Publication

Solar power from the roof

Solar power from the roof

Solar power from the roof of Kunstsammlung NRW, design and demonstration plant. Optimized lighting for daylight and artificial light. Roof integration of photovoltaics.

Emergency shelter

Emergency shelter made of textile reinforced concrete foam

Joint project for earthquake regions in cooperation with Peter Böhm Architects, Martin Kleppe, Biotensidon GmbH, CCM-Concepts et al.

Kapelle Madonna in den Trümmern

Chapel „Madonna in the Ruins“ in Cologne, architect Gottfried Böhm

Replacement for daylighting of coloured choir windows after obstruction by Columba Museum: Illumination by micro-structured light guides, which are edge-lit by LED. Photo: test of samples 2021.

Kunstsammlung NRW

Kunstsammlung NRW

Refurbishment of lighting in building K20 and K21 y LED systems and intelligent control of daylight and artificial light.

Seele Fertigungshalle

Seele Production Hall, Gersthofen

Expert consulting for daylighting, solar protection and glazing technology in co-operation with architect Thomas Herzog and client Gerhard Seele. Objective was a daylit, clinically white hall for advanced glass manufacturing and minimized cooling loads.

Kolumba Kunstmuseum

Kolumba Art Museum Cologne

Expert consulting for an architecturally integrated energy concept for a new museum building. Constituent measures: Geothermal heating (heat pump) and cooling by ground tubes, heated / chilled room surfaces; mechanical ventilation from ceiling to floor, depending on number of visitors; monolithic external brick walls 60 cm; humidity absorbing clay plaster inside; daylighting. Completion 2007. Architect: Peter Zumthor; HVAC experts: Kahlert Engineers. Several Awards for museum architecture, energy efficiency etc.